Every year we recruit over 100 volunteers to help make the Carnival happen. As a non-profit organisation we could not hold events like the Carnival without the hands-on support of the public.

Volunteering for the Carnival is not only fun, it allows you to meet new friends, build leadership skills, and be part of a truly unique event. It can also be a good way for those interested to become more involved as an art worker, production worker or trustee.

There are a range of important and rewarding volunteer roles available each year. No experience is required and most roles need to be 15 years or older.


Workshop Assistants: Help children and families make their own lanterns for the Carnival procession.

Art Team Assistants: Help the Carnival Art Team make props, costumes, lighting displays and do giant lantern repairs. This is ideal for people with hands-on making skills.

Giant Lantern Bearers: Almost any adult or teenager can help carry a giant lantern in the Carnival Procession. Carnival and rehearsal night only.

Procession Guides: Guides help set up the Carnival Procession and keep it in order as it moves. Carnival and rehearsal night only.

Gate Keepers: Help sort people into the procession order and check lanterns to make sure they are safe. Need to be able to work under pressure. Carnival and rehearsal night only.

Donation Collectors: Collect donations as people arrive and leave the event. This is one of our most important roles – must be friendly and outgoing. Carnival and rehearsal night only.

Crowd Safety: Help keep the road clear for the Carnival Procession and respond to any safety issues. Carnival and rehearsal night only.

Make-up Crew: Help get performers ready and looking beautiful. Experience with make-up or face painting required. Carnival and rehearsal night only.


For more information or any queries please email volunteer.midwinter@gmail.com