Accessibility Plan 2024

Dunedin Midwinter Carnival | Saturday 22 June from 5-6pm

The Dunedin Midwinter Carnival strives to bring our community an accessible event. Our recent shift to First Church and new look format was, in part, to support accessibility. We pride ourselves on listening to our community and their valuable feedback.

Trustees and the Carnival team have completed an assessment of the event working alongside disability advocates to develop a plan in line with the Trust’s accessibility outcomes. Though our plan is still a work in progress,  we will continue to strive to increase participation and accessibility for all. 

The following outcomes have been achieved for our 2024 event: 

  • A sensory friendly hour.
  • A designated accessibility drop off zone at the entry to Moray Place from Princes street (First Church side)
  • A priority ticket lane for mobility card holders 
  • Several ramps will be installed to increase wheelchair access
  • Designated accessible seating inside First Church
  • Increased seating inside First Church 
  • Wider pathways between seating in Burns Hall
  • Volunteers stationed at accessible entrances to help guide attendees.
  • Designated accessible portaloo
  • Increased signage around accessible areas and entrances 

Sensory Friendly Hour

The introduction of our Sensory Friendly Hour is an opportunity for those who are susceptible to crowds, loud music, flashing lights, or have accessibility needs, to still be able to enjoy the Carnival.This will take place on Saturday 22 June from 5-6pm, with those wanting to stay on for performances able. Tickets will be made available via partner organisations.  


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